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[the Idaho Nymph]

The Idaho Nymph has long been one of my favourite flies. A flyfisher friend first introduced me to this fly when he achieved great success fishing Watch Lake, just above Green Lake in the Central Cariboo. The surprising fact was that it was mid summer, a time when trout fishing is usually deemed to be in the doldrums and golf is the better activity! He was camped at Watch Lake and observed that fish were surface rolling as evening approached. He recounted that he tried several flies but only hit on success when he used an Idaho Nymph, fished just under the surface. This fly was exactly the ticket for that summer day and is the subject of this month's fly tying article.



Select a small amount of black saddle fibers and tie in a tail no longer than one third of the hook length. Next attach a piece of black wool (chenille, phentax, etc) and also a black ostrich herl to the hook shank. First wind the wool hook bend to the hook eye, then counter wrap the ostrich herl as an evenly spaced rib to the hook eye. Then tie in a thin black hackle, tip first, plus a piece of white goose quill on top of the hook and cinch down hook eye to a point about a third of the shank distance from the eye. Wind the hackle forward to the hook eye and tie off, then fold the goose quill forward to the hook eye and also tie off. The final step is to make a head with a few turns of peacock herl at the hook eye. Cement and you have finished the Idaho Nymph!

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