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[Hot Woolly Bugger]

After a spring and summer on heavily fished lakes, large rainbow trout have seen just about everything! As fishing improves with cooling September temperatures, you often need a fly that offers something new, a pattern that will cause a second look by that trophy fish you are after! Black woolly buggers are my favourite September search flies but to induce a strike, a little extra is sometimes required. We will look at such a pattern this month. It is called the "Hot Woolly Bugger", very similar to a standard leech pattern but with a bright orange or red nose that can mean the difference between a fishless or a successful day on the water!



Start by tying in a fairly thick tail of black marabou. A strand or two of flashabou or crystal hair can be added as an attractor. Then attach a long black saddle hackle, tip first, at the hook bend. From that point, wind thin black chenille forward to form a body just short of the hook eye. Here, wrap two turns of red chenille to give the appearance of a large red eye. Now complete the fly by winding the black hackle feather forward through the black chenille and tie off at the start of the red chenille. Cement, tie off and you have completed a great September attractor leech for British Columbia Interior lakes!

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