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[Halloween Fly]

I have my four year old grandson, Erik, to thank for this fly. He was recently visiting us and expressed all the usual excitement that young people do about Halloween! What costume to wear, bags of candy with goblins and ghosts galore! As he was trying on a very black wig with shiny curly hair, my imagination took hold as well! What would a fly made of that material look like and would it catch fish. You can be the judge of what it looks like but I can attest to the fact that it will indeed catch fish.

Let's have a little fun for our November fly tying article with my grandson's Halloween Fly made from a genuine Halloween costume wig! Hopefully you can find similar material around the house as it is unlikely your local fly shop will carry it! Perhaps with a bit of Halloween initiative, you will come up with a like material!



Start by crimping the hook barb so that you can slide a white bead through to the hook eye. Next, tightly wind a body of white uni-floss! Now comes the challenge, find some black curly wig material for a continuous wing. Tie the wing to the hook shank in two or three places, proceeding up the hook shank and finishing with the last tie just behind the hook bead. Whip finish, cement and you have completed the famous Halloween Fly, at least in my grandson's eyes!

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