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[the Halloween Treat]

Every fall, a real treat for me is a few days fly fishing the Vedder, mainly for Coho, but such ambition can sometimes be interrupted by scary large spring and chum salmon! Such was the case in 2014 when my friend Dave Hesketh and I did well on Coho but also had some memorable moments with much larger salmon! I had tied an orange hair wing fly for the trip but I have to admit, the Coho were not overly impressed. However, Chum salmon, especially those big males with razor sharp teeth, just loved the fly. We released many of these big fellows, some approaching 20 pounds, but it was fun just the same to experience their awesome power with each hookup! For those who might want to try what turned out to be a great Chum fly, try my Halloween Treat!

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Crimp the hook barb and secure the invisible thread to the hook shank,with several half hitches just at the start of the hook bend. Cut a piece of pearl mylar just slightly longer than the hook shank, pull out the center core and slide the now hollow piping over the hook eye. Cinch the piping down at the hook bend with just enough protruding to form a very small splayed out tail of the piping ends. Wrap the piping forward to the hook eye with your invisible mending thread and tie off at that point. You may have to go back and forth along the body once or twice to obtain a nice even look of the mylar piping. I now flip the hook in my vise and tie a beard hackle of black calf tail flowing back at the hook eye. With the hook upright again, a wing can be tied with orange calf tail so that it flows back just past the hook bend. The final step is to change the invisible mending thread with a fairly heavy black thread and make several half hitches to form a head, or if you prefer, whip finish as needed! Now if you should try this fly where Chum salmon are present, make sure you have long-nose pliers to release those huge toothy males!

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