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[the Half Bead Scud]

Our BC trout can be very fussy at times. There are delightful days when almost any fly imitation will produce strikes but perhaps more often trout demand a very specific fly before deciding to bite! And moreover, the differences in fly construction can be relatively minor before action will be experienced. Just last week my friend Al and I traveled to a sweet little high elevation lake north of Kelowna for some chironomid fishing. Al started with last month's fly, the Producer, while I threw out a gold and brown chironomid that I have used successfully in the past. After Al hooked two rainbows in rather quick succession, you can bet I switched to a Producer as well! Yes, those lake denizens of 16 to 18 inches long liked my fly just as much and we both released several trout, keeping one each for the table.

In June 2015, we reviewed the Fawn Shrimp, a fly that has worked very well in Cariboo area waters such as Fawn Lake. This June, we will look at a similar fly with minor differences, in most cases not a factor in luring fish but on occasional days, it could mean trout or no trout! Let's have a close look at my half bead scud with slight changes from the Fawn Shrimp.

[A Sweet High Level Okanagan Lake]



The first step is to crimp the barb of the scud hook in order to slip a 3/32 bead past the hook barb. However, before applying the bead, a bit of tricky work is required. Carefully push bits of pheasant tail strands through the bead and include a strand of crystal hair for added flash. The hard part is next. Work the bead complete with the pheasant tail, hook tip to the hook eye, making sure the tips of the pheasant tail project past the hook bend to form a tail for the fly. Secure this part of the pheasant to the hook shank. Next add the sparkle chenille hook bend to the bead and half hitch in place. The last step is to pull the cut ends of the pheasant tail back over the bead and tie it down at the hook bend. Trim the ends here, tie off, cement and you have finished the Half Bead Scud!

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