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[the Half and Half Fly]

Last month I observed that our BC trout can be very fussy at times. When I know there are fish around but tend to be zipper mouthed, I often switch to a yellow fly or at least, a fly with some yellow in the fly body. Why? Because over many years, a slow day on the water has been saved many times when I have changed to a yellow fly after trying many old faithfuls in black, brown and green patterns! This month we will look at another pattern with a part yellow body that has been the answer on those slow periods for me. It is simple to tie and should be in your fly box!

[A Terrific Cariboo Lake]



This fly is a delight to tie! The key is to use very fine monofilament as your tying thread to keep body distortion to a minimum. Start by wrapping a thick layer of brown floss hook bend to hook eye. Next use a piece of four strand yellow floss attached at the underside of the hook eye and run it to the hook bend, half hitch there, then back to the hook eye where you will again half hitch in place. Now before cutting your tying thread, run it back and forth along the full length of the body to make a "bumpy" effect. The last step is to wind a brown hackle feather at the hook eye full but not too thick. Whip finish, cement and you just may have made a fly which might save a fishless day!

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