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[Green Woolly Bugger]

Have you ever taken time to notice the wonderful array of green colours in the outdoors when spring bursts forth from the winter doldrums? I think trout also notice and I have had great success with green flies in springtime, before the warmth of summer hits the water! A fly that I have devised copies the standard woolly bugger but does not feature blacks as it is made of green material only, thus the name "Green Woolly Bugger". I have had equal and sometimes better early season luck with this fly so I heartily recommend that you supplement your fly box with this pattern!



Start by crimping the hook barb and slip a small green bead through to the hook eye. Next attach a medium length tail of green marabou. At the hook bend tie down point, secure a green saddle hackle, tip first. Now wind a thin piece of green chenille, hook bend to hook eye, tying off just behind the bead. To complete the fly, palmer the green saddle hackle to the bead and tie off. If you want the fly to stand up better to fierce large trout strikes, back wrap your invisible mending thread once over the body, taking care not to interfere with the hackle. Cement, tie off and you have finished an excellent spring wet fly!

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