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[Green Sheen]

Early spring, especially on the high lakes, at times seems barren of insect activity. However, there is much more going on below the surface than is evident on top! This is the time of year to explore the shoals with chironomid patterns. I like to fish chironomids using a floating line with leader long enough to dangle the fly a foot or two above the bottom. A chironomid that I have developed for these early spring days is the green sheen. I have found that trout feeding on either shrimp or chironomids are apt to take this fly, perhaps because of the green colour but more likely the near bottom shoal locations where it should be fished! At any rate, this is definitely a fly you should have for those early spring cruisers!



Start by crimping the hook barb and slip a small white bead through to the hook eye. I like my chironomids to sink quickly so I put a few turns of thin lead wire just behind the white bead. Now attach the green rod tying thread and a piece of thin gold wire to the hook shank. Wind the green thread from the hook bend to and over the lead wire at the bead. Follow this by tight winds of the gold wire to form the rib. The fly could be fished exactly as it is now but a turn or two of translucent mirage opal tinsel at the thorax seems to add some flash to the chironomid. Complete the green sheen with a couple of turns of white ostrich just behind the bead, cement, tie off and get ready for early spring action!

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