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My Arizona winter friends talk good fly fishing stories even though we seldom wet a line while there! One of the patterns that a friend suggested was the Golden Rod, an attractor pattern that he uses as a summer fly in his home State of Colorado. When summer temperatures here in the Okanagan hit the mid 30s Centigrade or more, the fishing in local lakes drops off dramatically! Still, a lake visit in early morning or perhaps late evening might stir a fish or two depending on your fly selection. Now if the Golden Rod works in Colorado, why not here in British Columbia? I therefore have decided to share the pattern with you as our August fly pattern selection. Do let me know if you have any summer success with the Golden Rod!



Start with a few tippets of golden pheasant for the tail. At the hook bend, tie in a length of heavy gold thread for ribbing later. Now create the fly body, hook bend to hook eye with flat golden tinsel or thin yellow chenille. Next make a rib with 5 to 7 turns of the heavy gold thread. At this point to make the beard hackle, I like to flip the hook in my vice to more easily tie in the yellow hen hackle. Now flip the hook upright again and tie in a yellow hen hackle wing fairly close to the hook shank. Overlay the yellow hackle with red squirrel tail fibers just a bit shorter than the feather strands underneath. The final step is to create a head with the heavy gold thread, tie off, cement and you have finished the summer Golden Rod fly!

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