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[Pink Globall]

My friend, Dave Hesketh, a retired commercial fisherman, now lives on a ranch in the Christian Valley with his lovely wife Bev. The Kettle River runs through part of their huge ranch and the catch and release trout fishing is terrific at times. However, Dave still has a love for landing huge salmon, mainly in several of our wild BC rivers! After returning from a mid October trap shoot at the Ranger's Club in Victoria, Dave met his son Dan, who happens to be a Fraser River fishing guide for salmon and sturgeon. On this recent occassion, Dan took some time off work and they met on the Vedder River for a try at coho fishing. And like the experts they are, the fishing was just terrific, with many bright coho caught and released with a few hatchery fish kept for the table! Dave said they used peach or pink yarn flies for the majority of the coho salmon that they hooked. I told Dave that I have a coho fly that I call the pink Globall tied on a number 4 black hook and he said this was just the ticket for those festy Vedder River coho salmon! The rains have been very heavy lately in the Lower Mainland but there may be a few Vedder River coho left to prove that this is a great coho fly!



I was lucky enough to find pre-made Krystal Glo Balls labelled salmon pink roe made by Hareline Dubbin Inc in a medium size. I am not sure what the bubble gum pink ball is made of but it is perforated by short pieces of krystal flash. Take one of these balls and thread it up the hook shank just as if you were impaling a piece of worm on a hook. Now place the hook in your vice and make about two turns of a wispy white or gray hackle feather just ahead of the pink ball. That's all there is to it! Cement, tie off and you have created a sure fire Vedder River coho fly!

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