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[Girdle Bug]

The hot muggy days of summer have past with cooler nights alerting our still water trout to days of feasting ahead! Gone are the profilic hatches of stoneflies, caddis and mayflies but those big rainbows will renew their appetites on boatmen hatches, leeches, chironomid and their year long staple, scuds or fresh water shrimp. Early September is a good time to be on the water but it may take a bit of search time to find out just what the end of summer trout dining menu might be! I can always rely on leech patterns although the girdle bug, especially at this time of year, can be very effective in producing heart stopping strikes! This pattern has the dark leech outline and the contrasting white flowing legs seems to trigger a strike response, certainly often enough to share this pattern with you!



Start with two dark brown or black goose biots and tie in a "V" tail topside at the hook bend. Next tie in a length of medium black chenille also at the hook bend but wrap forward towards the hook eye. Just short of halfway up the hook shank, temporarily half hitch the chenille and then figure eight a white rubber leg here so that it protrudes about 1/2 inch out either side. Carefully continue to wrap the black chenille a few more turns forward, stop again and figure eight another white rubber leg as before. When you again wrap the chenille forward, take great care to go past the legs without distorting their right angle position out from either side. Tie off the black chenille just short of the hook eye where you will now add a turn or two of fine red or orange chenille to form the head. Half hitch or whip finish, cement and you have finished a great September search pattern for large marauding trout!

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