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[the Sparkle Fullback]

Last month we looked at a big fly for big fish in big lakes. This month, we will dive into my real love, big fish in small lakes! My friend from early days, Gerry Peterson and his wife Marjie, spend the month of June at a Central Cariboo fishing lodge. This year, he sent me a picture of 13 pound rainbow trout caught in a small Interior lake. I couldn't wait to spend more than two hours searching for the walk in access to try for one of those monstrous rainbows myself! Yes, I did find and try the lake but by that time, warmer weather slowed the fishing, at least that is my excuse. I hooked up with a couple of trout in the 20 inch range but the trophy fish eluded my best efforts. However, watch out when the weather cools in September because I am positively anxious to try it again. By the way, the fish I did move in that lake went for a full back fly with a sparkle body, a fly that we will examine for this month's tying article.



Crimp the hook barb and slide the black bead through to the hook eye. Now apply a couple of wraps of silver crystal chenille just behind the bead to about 1/3 back along the hook shank. Next complete the rest of the body with medium olive crystal chenille through to the hook bend. If you can find a blend of medium crystal chenille of silver and green, just wrap the complete body with it. The final step is a bit tricky to create the back overlay and tail in one piece. Tie in several strands of brown pheasant tail just behind the bead. Now move your thin diameter invisible tying thread through the body to the start of the hook bend. I find invisible thread a real advantage as it does not change the body colour and you can wind it back through the body without too much distortion of the body shape. At this point, tie down the pheasant strands and if you selected the right length of pheasant fibers starting at the bead, you should have a tail about 1/2 the body length. Cement both the ties at the bead and the hook bend and you have completed a good small lake "big fish" fly!

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