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[the Fawn Shrimp]

One of my favourite Central Interior lakes is accessible from either Highway 24 or the back route off the Horse Lake road. Fawn Lake is a great producer early May through June! In my article # 213 for July 2014, I described an excellent chironomid that has produced well for me at Fawn Lake. Last season my friend Al Kouritzin and I stopped at Fawn on our way back to Kelowna after spending a couple of days fishing lakes near my Canim Lake summer camp. On this trip Al landed a good rainbow on a shrimp imitation that is worth a close look! I call it the Fawn Shrimp and it is the subject of our June fly tying article.

[Fawn Lake Looking at the Resort]



I am now finding my invisible mending thread purchased at fabric shops is breaking too easily so I have found that Danville's .006 fine monofilament does the job that I want without breaking. I prefer clear thread for back-wraps to strengthen my flies or in this case, to form bumps on the fly back without distorting the fly colour makeup. Start the fly with a body wrap of small yellow or orange chenille. If you have it, an initial wrap of yellow diamond braid works well. Next, do a full body wrap of yellow or light green sparkle chenille, allowing a hint of the under wrap to show through. The final step is to tie in a back strip of a fairly new material, scudback midge 1/8 inch strip in a brown or chocolate shade. Tie in first at the hook eye and use spaced turns of the mono thread to the hook bend where you will tie off after allowing a very short tail past the tie off point. Cement and you have finished my Fawn Shrimp!

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