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Fred Kaltenbach worked for the BC Telephone Company for many years in what many say is the still water capital of the world, Kamloops, BC. I also have had the good fortune to live and fish in Kamloops although for a much shorter time period in the early eighties. I have met Fred in the past and recently Fred sent me a description of one of his favourite and productive flies. It was given to Fred many years ago by Al Fraser, a skilled fly rod builder and fly tier of local fame! In fact, I still have a fly rod custom built by Al Fraser when I lived in Kamloops. We do not know the original name of Al's fly so we will call it the Fraser Sedge! Fred has always had great success with this fly, especially at Fawn Lake, off Highway 24 in the Caribou Interior. He simply trolls it slowly on a wet line and those large rainbows fight to grab the fly so this month we will examine how it is tied!



Al's original fly is tied with black thread but I prefer as usual invisible mending thread because you can back wrap the body without discolouring or distorting the shape and this makes it stand up much longer! Start by tying in a short tail of black calf hair. Next, take a couple of peacock sword herls (the material from the eye of a peacock tail frond) and wrap a full body, hook bend to hook eye, just leaving enough room at the eye for the hackle. Here, make two or three turns of black hackle feather and tie off so the hackle slopes back a bit. Cement and you have finished Fred Kaltenbach's favouite fly, the Fraser Sedge!

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