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Ah, December does test the true mettle of a fly fisherman! While wives are busy looking for Christmas bargains at crowded malls, the devoted fly fisherman tries to find some excuse to avoid the shopping trip and sneak away for a few hours if his favourite river is ice free. Our fly this month is designed exactly for such occasions! Late fall is the time that spawned out salmon succumb to nature and their bodies enrich the stream or river environment. Many creatures enjoy this late season bounty including dolly varden and rainbow trout by feasting not only on drifting salmon eggs, but also on pieces of salmon flesh! Such a waterway that I have fished is the mouth of the Adams River where huge rainbow trout come in from Shuswap Lake for the bountiful harvest! By this time, decomposed bodies of the Adam's sockeye turn a much paler colour than the rich red of the once thriving fish. The fly I tie is a pale yellow, gray or even white colour and is extremely easy to tie as it consists solely of synthetic dubbing material. It represents a piece of salmon flesh tumbling downstream in the river current. With this fly I have hooked wild rainbow trout as big as seven pounds and while they must be released, they always give a heart-stopping fight on a fly rod, well worth braving the icy chill of a December day!



A white coated lazer sharp hook is my preference but any short shanked hook will suffice. Simply wind synthetic dubbing hook bend to hook eye, tie off, cement, and you have finished a late season flesh fly for huge rainbow trout!

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