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[Fawn Lake Chironomid]

Normally on the May Long Weekend I am at the BC Provincial Trap Shooting Championships and my good wife Lois has a house full of ladies attending the Sunset Ranch Ladies Open Golf Tournament here in Kelowna. Well this year the trap tournament was moved to later in June and I sure was not going to stay at home with all those ladies! What to do? I decided that an early trip to our Canim Lake summer camp was in order so I packed up my fly fishing gear and headed north! The weather forecast was not great but I included my Wetskins outfit plus rubber boots with my gear and boy, I sure needed that rain outfit as it was a very wet weekend in the Cariboo!

In spite of the rain, I did get some quality fly fishing in at Dugan Lake on Friday, Horse Lake on Saturday, and a favourite, Fawn Lake on Sunday. The fishing at Dugan was a bit slow but I did have several hits using chironomids, and released a nice Brookie! Saturday at Horse was very wet and unproductive. I was hoping to catch one of the noted Horse Lake Kokanee but could not even scratch up a bite, nor could anyone else that I talked with, except for a young fisherman who did lose a rainbow not far from where I was anchored. Sunday, even though it rained lightly all day, was another matter! Those Fawn Lake rainbows were on a rampage but only for a certain chironomid. It turned out that a brown chironomid with a white bead was the ticket and luckily I did have several. I boated one nice trout to take home and released two more in the short time I was on the water so the subject of this month's article will highlight that fly!

I also had a rather delightful experience talking to a Fisheries Officer who was doing a lakeside fish survey that day! His name was Ron Bowron of the Bowron Lakes fame, named after an early relative of Ron's! My past dealings with Government people could best be described as somewhat bureaucratic but Ron turned out be a terrific young man, very knowledgeable about fly fishing and very willing to share his vast array of Cariboo Lakes information! In fact, Ron confided to me about one of his favourite aeration lakes that he said had both six pound rainbow and brookies! I will save that for a future article after I field test the lake myself, hopefully soon! Anyway, let's have a look at my Fawn Lake chironomid.

[Fawn Lake Looking at the Resort]



Crimp the hook barb and slide a small white bead through to the hook eye. Next attach a length of fine gold or copper wire to the hook shank and wrap forward in spaced turns to the bead. Then, wrap brown frostbite hook bend to the bead over the wire rib which will easily show through. Finally, create a short thorax next to the bead with a few turns of darker brown frostbite or brown super floss. I then use Sally Hansen's "Hard as Nails" hardener to cement the complete fly body after tying off with the invisible tying thread. You have just finished a chironomid that does wonders on those great early spring Fawn Lake rainbows!

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