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[Egg Fly]

I first learned to tie the egg fly in one of Steve Head's Polar Coachmen fly tying sessions when I lived in Prince George, BC. The fly is simply to tie and yet can be used not only as a steelhead fly, but also as an attractor fly for trout fishing. Steve used this fly with success on the Bulkley River in the vicinity of Telkwa and he related that more than once, he hooked dolly varden as well as rainbows on this pattern. It is a fly that deserves a place in your tackle box so we will examine the tying details in this month's article.



For fast water river fishing, several wraps of pencil lead will aid in getting the fly quickly to the bottom. I tie this fly both with and without lead, depending on where I intend to fish. Secure a piece of yellow floss and a strip of silver tinsel to the hook shank near the bend with your tying thread. Next create a small ball or egg with bright orange chenille at the hook bend using only a couple of wraps tightly in the same place. Then wind the yellow floss forward to the hook eye followed by a counter wrap of the silver tinsel in about five even spaced turns to create the ribbing. Just back of the hook eye, form the second egg with your orange chenille. The final step is to attach a thin wing of gray polar bear hair or kip's tail at the hook eye and as you cinch the wing down, ensure that it flows back closely to the hook shank. Tie off, cement, and you have finished Steve's steelhead egg fly.

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