Don's Fly Tying - the Dugan Chironomid

[the Dugan Chironomid]

Dugan Lake is a very exciting Central Cariboo lake located a few kilometers up the Horsefly Road which starts at the north end of the small truck stop called 150 Mile House, a name originating from the gold rush days of the last century. Except for the last 200 yards, the road is paved all the way, a delight for family vehicles! Now Dugan features some outstanding chironomid fishing both spring and fall. An exciting fact about this lake is that it contains both brook and rainbow trout; some growing to hefty sizes. Both parking and overnight camping can be found at this lake although when the hatches are on, it can be a very busy place.

On a recent trip to Dugan, I did not spend a lot of time exploring the lake but rather fished fairly near the car top launch spot. I was advised to try either red or black chironomids so I decided right off to go with red. I was not disappointed as several trout were caught and released, including one nice brookie. The big fish that I was hoping to keep for the table never did materialize but I was still happy with my outing. The fly that worked well was a red chironomid that we will now closely examine.

[Dugan Lake From the Launch Ramp]



The key to this fly is to use very thin red stretch material such as vinyl ribbing. I tightly tie the end of the red vinyl at the fly head, working it straight back along the hook shank just past the bend. Then, with very tight turns, I wind the tubing forward and tie off at the hook eye. Next make a few turns of the white uni-floss fairly close to the hook eye but leaving room for a head. The head is wrapped with a few turns of dark super floss. Cement, tie off and you have created a great Dugan Lake chironomid!

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