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[the Doreen Chironomid]

I participate in one fishing derby each year, the Telephone High Lakes derby centered at Doreen Lake just east of Winfield, BC. This derby is for telephone employees and retirees and is administered by the previous years winner! Amazingly enough, the derby is always successful with prizes for all regardless if a fish is caught. After two consecutive years of doing the organizing, my seventh place finish this year was indeed a relief! I also experienced a short period of the best fishing ever on Doreen Lake, nine rainbow hooked in one hour on a dead drift chironomid using a floating line and strike indicator.

On Saturday, June 16, I had risen early, heading to my favorite area location, Lost Lake, accompanied by my yellow labrador, Jessie. In less than an hour, I hooked a good fish, not as large as my previous year's winner, casting a green shrimp on a sink tip line. As Lost has a one fish limit, I immediately headed for shore, planning to do a little more fishing at our campsite lake, Doreen. As I was pulling my car topper out of the water, I met Ken, a Kelowna teacher who was quite anxious to get out on the water after a week of administering student exams. Ken very kindly gave me one of his favorite chironomids, a fly tied with #61 frostbite (copper flashabou is okay) and ribbed with fine copper wire on a size 10 Daiichi hook. It also featured a white opaque bead at the eye and a couple of turns of brown pheasant just behind the bead. I arrived at the far end of Doreen just before noon as the wind began to blow rather strongly. Dennis Caryk was fishing with his son at that end where he caught several fish the day before, including, as it turned out, the derby winner. I called to Dennis where would a good spot to anchor be? He answered, "Right where you are!" Sure enough, a few minutes later, a fish savagely hit the chironomid that Ken had given to me. Shortly after, I had another strike so I looked over to Dennis and said, "Sure is a great spot that you recommended!" In all, I hooked nine rainbows between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm, all released as my fish from the morning was somewhat larger. I have since tied similar chironomids to Ken's and that is what we will examine in this month's fly tying article.



First, crimp the hook barb in order to slip the bead through to the hook eye. Just behind the bead, shape a short thorax with a few turns of brown pheasant or dark peacock herl. Next, attach both the copper # 61 frostbite and also the fine copper wire to the hook shank. Then, starting part way down the hook bend, wrap the frostbite foward to the thorax followed by the copper wire rib. Tie off, cement and you have finished Ken's copper chironomid that is guaranteed to work at least in Doreen Lake!

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