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My friend, Ray Hunt, originally from Mission, BC, together with his wife Jacque, moved to Kelowna when he retired from BC Hydro in Vancouver. Ray has long been an outdoor enthusiast and has recently ventured into the sport or should we say art of fly fishing! On occasion Ray has asked me to tie up fly patterns of particular interest including five flies mentioned in the October/November 2007 edition of Outdoor Canada. Because this publication declared these flies the "Best All Time" flies, my interest was naturally perked as well! The flies named are the Dark Montreal, the Black and Peacock Spider, the Mickey Finn, the Pheasant Tail Nymph and the Woolly Worm. Three of this list have been covered in my previous fly articles as follows; Mickey Finn, March 1999, Pheasant Tail Nymph, March 2002 and the Woolly Worm on two occasions, December 1999 and July 2003!

After receiving this list the other day, I thought why not include a description of the two flies not previously included in my past fly tying articles so this month we will take a close look at the Dark Montreal! This fly was primarily developed for those large eastern brookies but the pattern does work well on our western rainbows so why not have a go? Fortunately I have a well stocked supply of tying materials, in fact, the whole end of a section of my basement is filled with fly tying essentials! On a recent visit from my three year old grandson, Erik, my wife took a snap of us working at my tying table. Isn't it great that even as young as three, our grandkids have an interest in fly tying?

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Tie in a red tail first roughly the same length as the body. Next secure a piece of gold tinsel at the hook bend, then wrap a rich claret or wine floss hook bend to hook eye. Follow this with the gold tinsel making a fairly wide rib. The claret or red beard hackle is next, just reaching to the hook point. Then tie in the turkey wing at the hook eye with a classical flow back over the body. The final step is to form a head with your black tying thread, cement, tie off, and you have completed one of Canada's best all time flies according to Outdoor Canada! This fly was originally created by Peter Cowan of Cowansville, Quebec around 1840.

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