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[Dave's Choice]

We were going back to the Bill Nation fly series but popular demand requires a look at one last cohoe fly to end up the year! This fly is called Dave's Choice, very simply, because that is exactly what it is. Dave is an expert fall Vedder River cohoe fisherman and if he has a choice, the fly we will now examine is his top selection for real salmon action! This is not theory, either, because on a recent trip to his favourite river, Dave used this fly to hook no less than eight cohoe. He was forced to switch only when he lost all of his favourite flies to the wild Vedder cohoe! The fly tier has a distinct advantage over purchasing commercial products. One reason is that we will heavily weight our fly with pounded lead strips in order to quickly get the fly to river bottom in fast water where the cohoe hold. Let's now review Dave Hesketh's choice fly for coho salmon.

[Dave Hesketh with a Fraser Spring]



Cohoe love fast water and this presents a problem for the fly fisher. To often, the fly is swept over the fish holding near the bottom. To even the odds more in your favour, take a piece of round lead fishing weight, the type you might use with surgical tubing on a three-way swivel, and pound it flat with a hammer. I use flat iron salvaged from an old railroad line as an anvil. I then cut the lead into thin strips using heavy scissors. Now wind the thin lead strip hook eye to about 1/2 way to the hook bend and dab with cement. Attach a piece of curly silver tinsel to the hook bend with your invisible thread and wind forward to the hook eye. The wing can now be made in two steps. First tie in some green flashabou strips just behind the hook eye followed by an overlay of blue flashabou. Another secret is to use blue flashabou with some gold and silver strips mixed in with the blue as this seems to be a better attactor! Tie off at the head and cement, allowing time for the cement to dry. The final step is to paint a pair of eyes on the fly head with black fabric dimensional paint.

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