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[Dave's Cohoe Fly]

Let's take another break from our Bill Nation fly series. This month we will look at a fly that my rancher friend, Dave Hesketh, recently had great success with, fishing for Vedder River cohoe salmon. The fly shown is the last of eight similar, but with some small variations, that his son Dan had found in a lower mainland sporting goods store. Dave told me that the Vedder cohoe loved this fly when tossed into fast water runs and in fact, a large spring salmon also took hold for several anxious moments until tearing free! It would appear that two factors are apparent; the head weighting plus the glitter and to some extent, the colour of the angel hair or flashabou wing.

Since there is no denying Dave, Dan and Ken's success with this fly, it will be our focus for November's fly tying article!



Tie in a gold or silver tinsel body, medium in thickness. Dave actually prefers silver although the fly shown features a gold body. Next cut small amounts of green, gold and blue angel hair or flashabou strips slightly longer than the hook shank. Tie in at the hook eye with the gold and green as the underlay and the blue strips as the top layer. Now select a weighted gold or black eye pair and tie in on top of the hook shank just behind the eye. Cement, tie off and you have made a great fast water cohoe salmon fly! A further option if you do not have the pre-made eyes is to weight the front hook shank with lead wire and then form a head with black tying thread. You can then make eyes with dimensional fabric paint!

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