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Many years ago, shortly after I purchased my first car, with money I earned myself I might add, my fishing ventures quickly moved further afield from my parent's home in South Langley! In those early years, I had not yet learned to tie flies so I had to make do with inexpensive Army & Navy commercial patterns such as Silver Doctors, Grizzly Kings and Parmachene Belles! And catch fish they did with so many productive waters available in those days!

Early April always found a few cutthroat trout in my home stream, the Little Campbell Creek but larger waters such as the Harrison River voiced a siren call, especially for large cutthroat trout! In those days, it was a fairly adventurous trip via the small car ferry which crossed the Fraser River at Fort Langley. No matter, fuel was cheap and those big cutties could not be ignored! I only had marginal success with my store bought flies until on one trip, I found a fly lost by another fisherman on the banks of the Harrison River. Silver bodied, red front with white and green flow back wings. After tying this fly on, my success rate immediately doubled! I was in absolute heaven until a very large fish snapped the fly from my leader! However, the pattern was vividly etched in my mind so with more modern materials, I will now share that pattern with you!

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Start with a tight wrap of silver holographic tinsel hook bend to hook eye. Next, over wrap the front 1/3 with red holographic tinsel. For the under wing, I have a clear flashabou product that includes strands of faintly coloured reds, greens and blues but a more ordinary clear flashabou will do. Tie this in at the hook eye and snug it down so it will flow back close to the hook shank. Then add an over wing of several strands of peacock herl, also flowing back tight to the hook shank. Complete the fly with a peacock herl head and you have finished a great cutthroat fly!

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