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[the Campbell River Pink]

In early September, I told my trap shooting friend, Dave Bartee, that I had recently caught a couple of pink salmon at the mouth of the Oyster River on the east coast of Vancouver Island. "That's nothing," said Dave, "I fished the Campbell River just up from the Gold River junction and caught 60 pinks on the fly in three days!" "And here is the fly to prove it," he went on to say! I certainly was impressed, and asked numerous questions about his equipment and how he managed to land and release so many salmon. He explained that he didn't move along the river, but stayed with his back to a large rock, casting into the current so that his fly was swept into a good holding area for pink salmon. He only used one fly, which we will examine in this article and it did the job admirably. In fact Dave said that after three days, his arm was very sore from all the action. When I asked what the name of this magic fly was, he said that he didn't know so we will call it the Campbell River Pink Salmon Fly.



Crimp the hook barb and slide a pink bead through to the hook eye. Next cut a clump of pink marabou and make a fairly short tail. Then attach the radiant pink chenille to the hook shank and wind forward from the hook bend to the bead just behind the hook eye. The final step is to wind a couple of turns of pink neck or saddle hackle immediately behind the bead, tie off and you have finished a first class pink salmon fly!

Dave said that he fished the pink fly on a sink tip line and simply let the river current carry the fly to the salmon. "Yes," he said, "I have never had so much fun!" I think next year, I must try the fly we tied last month, which I have since learned is called the "Parksville", thanks to the fall issue of BC Outdoors magazine and see if it compares to Dave's fly for catching pink salmon!

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