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[the Corn Cob]

While sitting here in the hot Arizona sun patiently waiting for "Happy Hour" between rounds of golf and inter RV Club snooker games, I was racking my brains trying to think of a suitable fly for March 2016! Our winter home here is a Park Model, not overly large but fine for two people. However, there is limited space for one of my hobbies, book collecting! Rather than a few dozen, I only have a couple of fishing books, one of which is Mike Yeager's "Flies of the Southwest for Lakes and Streams". One of Mike's hand tied flies immediately caught my attention as it is similar to my big fish fly of last month! Mike calls it the "Corncob" and I am sure this southwest fly will work equally as well in our northern climes!

[Another Excellent Interior Trout Lake]



This fly is a tier's delight, very easy to tie. Start with a short loop of fuzzy red yarn at the hook bend to form a tail. Next attach a long thin brown hen hackle tip first at the hook bend. Then wind a body hook bend to hook eye with bright yellow chenille. The final step is to wind the brown hackle akin to a rib, hook bend to hook eye. Before tying off, I carefully wind my monofilament (tying thread) back and forth hook bend to hook eye, taking care not to distort the hackle fibers. Cement, tie off and you have tied a fly that I will wager the large trout in my secret lake will love, perhaps as much as the Big Yellow !

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