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How to speak Canadian eh?

Pronunciation and Grammar
Changing vowel location
Silent vowels
Replacing Y with two E's
An inconstant consonant
Verb Tenses
Present Tense
Joining prepositions with words
The Words

Word Definition Example
acrid (a-krid) Careful and precise "I was acrid in making this page"
agger culture (a-ger cul-chure) The art of cultivating the soil "Let me see the Minister of Agger Culture"
anglo (an-glow) A non-french Canadian "I am an anglo"
arbutus (ar-biew-tus) An orange barked, semi-tropical tree growing on the Pacific Coast, a madrona in the US "Boy, those are beautiful arbutus'"
arsey em pee (R-C-M-P) Royal Canadian Mounted Police who wear red uniforms and ride on horseys "I work in the arsey em pee"
bal oil (bal oyul) A street in east Central Toronto "I live on Bal Oil"
bearus (bare-us) To disconcert "I was bearused when my pants fell down"
beat out (beet oot) To overcome, vanquish, clobber "The Leafs beat out Detroit"
beauty (bue-tee) Statment of approval, "Would you like a drink chap?" "Beauty"
beaver (bee-ver) sharp-tooth rodent that cuts down trees and builds dams, Canada's national symbol "The beaver is furry"
beaver tails (bee-ver tales) Deep fried dessert pastry that looks like a beaver tail "Love those beaver tails"
beeracrat (beer-a-crat) Person who puts in time to govern Canada "Those damn beeracrats"
berrex (brr-ex) Buildings where soldiers are lodged "The soldiers are trained in the berrex"
bling yule (bling you-l) French Canadians who can speak english "He is bling yule"
brew (bru) beer "Pass a brew this way, eh"
broads (bra-ds) a woman "Look at that broad across the street"
brutal (brew-tal) savage, cruel "Did you see that hit? That was brutal!!"
butts (bu-ts) cigarettes aka-smokes "Pass the butt around the circle"
cab net (cab net) Executive commitee of members which run Canada "Damn cab net members"
the can (dukan)the bathroom or johnI have to go to the can
choob (choo-buh) TV "I'm watching Sherriff Lobo on the choobe"
church key (chur-ch kee) bottle opener "I use my church key often"
climb it (cli-mit) Weather: Canada has three kinds wet, hot, cold "Canada has such a nice climb it"
cottage (ca-tige) a summer home "I go to my cottage every day"
dogan (dog-n) an Irish Catholic "My aunt the dogan"
eeja (e-ja) to bite fiercely "I gave my dog an eeja because he did it to me first"
En you (N U) A response to have a good day "Have a good day" "En You"
ever neat (ev-err neet) Expressing appreciation to something "Was that Canadiens game ever neat"
ewes (use)plural of youWhat would ewes like to drink today?
ex (x) a beer or a country fair held every year in Toronto "Let's go to the Ex!"
family room (fam-blee rum) room in a house where TV is kept "Lets watch TV in the Family Room"
flick (flik) movies or to change the channels on the TV "I'm going to catch that new Mr. Bean flick"
fuzz (fu-zz) police officer "Excuse me fuzz, I was just robbed"
go's (go-s) used instead of says "Bla Bla" go's Joe"
Grey Cup (Gr-eh Cu-puh) Canadian Football trophy "The Lions won the Grey Cup"
hoser (ho-zer) an unsophisticated person "Just shut up you hoser!"
Kahuna (ka-hu-nah) Something that is very large. Slang for tyee, 30 lb + chinook salmon "Going kahuna hunting"
kay (k)a good way to start a sentenceKay, what's going on?
lacrosse (la-kros) Canada's national game, too detailed "I play lacrosse"
mountie (mount-ee) See Arm See "see Arm See but replace the word Arm See with mountie"
newfie (nu-fee) A person from NewFoundland butt of many Canadian jokes "I love newfies"
or what (oar wut) Used instead of eh "You gonna hit me or what"
pogey (poe-gee) Unemployment insurance "I am on pogey"
pop (pop) Soda "Can you give me some pop?"
pothole (pot-hole) miniscule lakes "Hate them potholes"
quart (kwart) A beer named because of the volume of the bottle Me'n the lads went for a few quarts"
quite a ways away (kwhite a w-ehs aweh) Used when saying something is far away "That is quite a ways away"
rad (radd) radiator "Turn the rads off, it is cold"
shag (sh-ag) Tufted broadloam in shades of lime or purple in houses or vans "I like that shag"
shinny (shin-ee) hockey played in the street "Let's go play some shinny"
the show (the shh-oh)movies/cinemaDo ewes want to go to the show tonight?
sook (seh-oook) wimp, cry baby "Ow, you poor sook"
submarine (sub-mareen) hoagies, heros "Lets go get some submarines"
two-four (too-fore) A 24 case of bottled beer "Pick me up a two-four"
Way to go (wai too goe) Said at hockey and baseball games "You scored? Way to go!!"
xenophobia (zeen-o-foe-bee-a) Fear and dislike of anything that is foreign "You're scared, then you must have xenophobia"
Ya goof (yah goof) A moron, idiot, etc. "Way to go, ya goof"
Yankee (yan-key) Anyone from the States "Damn Yankees"
Yay (yeh) Words used to describe distance or size "Yay big, yay wide"
Youse (use) second person plural "Do youse have an appointment?"
Z (zed) last letter of the alphabet "...X, Y, Zed"

Some French Canadian Words
Word Definition Example
bleuet (bleu-et) Delicious blueberry "Love those bleuets"
char (shar) car "I ride in my char"
jouale (joo-al) Quebecois slang "Those Quebeckers speak jouale"
poutine (poo-tin) Fries, cheese and gravy "I had a poutine for lunch"
tarla (tar-la) dimwit "You tarla!!"
teteux (teh-t-yeux) Not a compliment, you say someone is t^eteux when he doesn't want to do something just because ??

The Ten Canadian Provinces
The Territories

Political Parties

These are just a few of the words. Many more words can be made Canadian by changing the spelling and pronunciation. Although there are variations between provinces and certainly between the mainly French areas and areas like Toronto and Alberta, but when people search for the most common ways of pronunciation the items below are typical.

Folk Sayings
Here are a bunch of folk sayings. Most of them don't need explanations.