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A friend was fishing the Skeena River in early October with a jig fly from the back of a boat. He let the fly just reach bottom and then pulled up a few feet fairly sharply. He then let the fly settle to the river bottom before repeating the process. As the hook remains upright, snags on the rocks were few. However, he tells of Coho salmon absolutely attacking his jig fly, enough so that if you are interested in fishing river Coho, the jig fly should be part of your fishing strategy!

[Boat Fishing the Skeena Near Terrace



A jig fly is very simple to tie because when you purchase the jig hooks, much of the work is done for you! The head comes in different colours but I prefer red with black dots already spotted on the weighted head as eyes. A key is selecting very strong hooks, especially if you plan to target Skeena River Coho! Now UV polar chenille comes in a variety of colours as well and I have used silver, amber and purple. Start by winding a few turns of the first colour near the hook bend, in the fly shown, purple. Next, working towards the hook eye, wind forward your next colour and finish with turns of silver polar chenille by tying it off just behind the head. Try to force the chenille to flow a bit back as you tie each piece down. You can experiment with the colours but my friends tell me that if you can find the right river location, this fly is dynamic for Coho!

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