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The Vedder River near Chilliwack, BC, could well be the busiest salmon fishing stream in the world, if not in British Columbia! In spite of hordes of fishermen, mostly float rod fishers, this stream still has excellent fall salmon fishing for both spring and coho salmon. On a recent trip from my home in Kelowna to Vancouver Island, I convinced my wife Lois that a couple of hours of fishing on the Vedder while returning to Kelowna would be a great idea. Because the fishing was so good, those two hours turned into seven but as you can see in the attached photo of Lois holding two male hatchery fly caught coho, the rewards were also great!

I started the day float fishing like so many other Vedder fishermen but did not have much luck at a favourite pool near the Vedder River RV Campground. As luck would have it, I met Cliff, a fly fisherman from Maple Ridge when I tried another pool further up river. It did not take long to see that Cliff was having great success fly fishing, landing and releasing both pink and coho salmon. Fortunately, I almost always carry my steelhead fly rod with me when I visit the Vedder so the switch from float to fly was quickly made. Cliff was kind enough to share his fishing location with me and he even gave me a couple of his flies for me to use! The result was seven hooked salmon in the space of an hour using Cliff's hand tied flies. I also received Cliff's permission to share his coho fly recipe with you!

[Lois With Fly Caught Vedder Coho]



Start with tight wraps of silver tinsel type chenille from the hook bend to about two thirds distance to the hook eye. Continue with medium pink chenille to just short of the hook eye. Now attach several strands of pink Krystal flash near the hook eye allowing it to flow back to form the wing under-layer. Complete the wing with a fairly thin clump of pink polar bear hair or substitute if you cannot find the real thing. The final step is a wrap or two of radiant red or deep pink fine chenille for the head. An option would be make the head with deep red or pink tying thread rather than using invisible thread! Tie off, cement and you have finished Cliff's coho fly!

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