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Our annual Father's Day Telephone fishing derby based at Doreen Lake east of Winfield, BC, was again an unqualified success! All the more enjoyable when I placed 7th and will not have to organize the following year's derby. That chore belongs to a very long time and deserving participant, Fred McRae, who pulled a winner from Doreen Lake at just over two pounds. Congratulations Fred! He has been a near winner many times and two versions of his favourite fly are featured in my past articles # 117 and earlier in article # 94.

There is, however, more to the story that will interest you and that is the fly that Fred caught the 2008 winner on! It is a variation of the old standby, the woolly bugger, but with a bit of innovation that makes it easier too tie! I call it the chenille bugger and judging from this year's Doreen Lake performance, it should be a fly that you have in your tackle box.



Start by tying in a black marabou tail about as long as the fly body. I like to build up the tail by tying in several pieces of marabou separately. Next, wind a piece of black chenille from the tail forward to almost the hook eye. Leave just enough room to make a couple of turns of bright orange chenille at the hook eye. That is all there is to it, you have just completed an awesome fly for BC Interior lake fishing, the Chenille Bugger! Thanks Fred!

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