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There are people who call fly fishermen elitist but in my travels throughout most of British Columbia and a few American States, I have found ready fishing friends wherever I have journeyed! As an example, my Seattle based friend, Steve Clements recently put me in touch with two of his fly fishing buddies, Keith Findley and Peter Caverhill. Both of these expert fly fishermen have kindly given me permission to share some excellent information with you. For May 2016, we will examine Peter Caverhill's famous pattern, the Caverhill Nymph!

Peter's fly, an off shoot of Kamloops fly tier Helen Peacock's classic fly, the Helen's Heller, proved to be a real winner on Dragon Lake many years ago. An October fishing trip to Dragon involving several well known and adept fly fishers disclosed without a doubt that the only productive fly for those huge rainbows was the Caverhill Nymph! So much so that I am convinced that this fly should be a basic pattern in your fly box!

[Peter Caverhill Releasing a Fine Thompson River Rainbow, a copyrighted Steve Clements' photo and cannot be used or reproduced without Steve's permission]



Peter's original fly was tied with a mohair body but modern materials now add a bit of coloured flash as in the picture of the Caverhill Nymph shown, one of Peter's hand tied flies. Start by fixing a length of medium silver mylar to the hook shank for later use as a rib. Then wind black mohair hook bend to a full 2/3 distance to the hook eye, followed by three or four turns of the mylar to form a rib over the mohair. At this point, tie in the black hackle on both the top and underside of the body so that the rib clearly shows through from each side of the hook. Now complete the foreward body with peacock herl and finish the fly with a tapered head of black tying thread wraps. I guarantee you will be in famous company using this fly with my sincere thanks to Peter Caverhill!

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