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[Bill Shea's Canuck]

My friend Bill Shea of Kenmore, Washington, is not only a expert fly tier, but he is creative as well. He has made up several fly panels featuring Bill Nation patterns as well as creating sport panels of steelhead streamer flies incorporating the colours of professional North American sport teams. This includes the major basketball, football, baseball and hockey teams as well as many well known US colleges! In the coming months, we have decided to provide you with a selection of Bill's sport team steelhead fly dressings. To be squeaky clean and avoid any possible copyright infringement, we will not name the city the fly colours represent! We will leave it up to you to guess the full team name! As the fly series progresses, we would appreciate hearing of successes from anyone who has fished these patterns! For our March 2011 article, we will feature a blue, white, silver and green pattern called the Bill Shea Canuck!



[Alec Jackson Hooks]

I have not seen Alec Jackson hooks for sale in local fly shops and although I normally do not promote any retailer or brand of fly tying materials, I have included an image of his hooks for your information. Start with the tail of bright blue hackle or hair if you have it. Next secure a piece of flat tinsel near the hook shank bend and leave it projecting past the tail for the time being. Now wrap some medium bright green chenille hook bend to hook eye. Follow this with three or four wraps of the tinsel hook bend to hook eye. A couple of wraps of blue hackle is the next step just behind the hook eye, then make a top wing of white calftail or ideally white polar bear over the top part of the hackle, allowing the wing to flow back towards the tail. Finish the fly with a head of heavy black tying thread, cement, tie off and you have finished Bill Shea's Canuck!

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