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[California Neil]

One more coho and spring fly to end, at least until next fall, some fabulous Vedder River salmon flies! I came across this fly thanks to Jordan, an expert fisherman who works at Kelowna's Trout Water Fish and Tackle. Jordan is an avid trout, salmon and steelhead fly fisher, that is, when time from his job permits. I can attest to his expertise from the many pictures of his catch and release fish that I have seen. He fishes the Harrison, Vedder and Thompson Rivers as often as possible and he strongly recommends the fly we will examine this month, the California Neil, for coho and also to my surprise, spring salmon!



Start by crimping the hook barb and slide a brass bead through to the hook eye. Then tie in a short tail of grizzly. Next secure a narrow fiber grizzly hackle by the tip at the hook bend. At this spot, tightly wind the blue holographic tinsel for the body forward to the bead at the hook eye. The last step is to palmer the grizzly hackle hook bend to just behind the brass bead. Once again, the advantage of using invisible tying thread is apparent because I then carefully wind the thread back and forth hook bend to the bead taking care not to distort the hackle and tie off just behind the bead. This ensures that the hackle will hold together much better when the fly is attacked by wild coho strikes! Cement, tie off and you have completed one of Jordan's favourites, the California Neil!

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