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Hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy winter a bit more with a steelhead fly fishing trip! I am waiting for your reports on how the Bill Shea series of steelhead flies are working. We will continue with the fifth Shea fly for February, 2012.

I recall a February trip that I made years ago to the Kalum river. Wow, talk about cool weather, with ice continually clogging the fly rod guides! However, although the fishing was slow, we did catch steelhead by making sure the fly swept deep into runs where steelhead likely were lying. In other words, you had to practically hit them on the nose with your fly! Anyway, this month we will examine a steelhead fly called the Bill Shea Flame!



Tie in a tail of golden pheasant crest feather. Before wrapping the black chenille body, attach a piece of gold tinsel to the fly shank and let it hang loose behind the tail. Complete the body with a tight wrap of the black chenille hook bend to just behind the hook eye, followed by a rib of the gold tinsel. Now tie in a wing of white pheasant tippets near the hook eye and allow the tippets to run back close to the fly body. The next step is to wrap about three turns of bright red hackle, again just behind the hook eye. Note that unlike the fly last month, the hackle is wrapped after the wing is tied on, not before! Use the small space left at the hook eye to spin a head with your black tying thread. Cement, tie off, and you have finished Bill Shea's Steelhead Flame!

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