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[Bulman Lake Special]

From time to time, my fly tying readers send me an e-mail commenting on my patterns. To my delight, they sometimes offer a favourite fly for posting on this web site! I am very happy to acknowledge the fly tier and give full credit for their pattern! Such is the case with Richard Chin, a Vancouver fly fisherman, who recently e-mailed me a pattern that he has successfully used at Bulman Lake. In fact, the image used is a fly that Rich not only tied, but has caught several of Bulman Lake's magnificent trout! I share Rich's enthusiasm for Bulman as I have spent some very enjoyable hours several years ago at this lake south of Roche in the Kamloop's plateau country. Rich tells me that beavers have dammed the outflow of Frisken Lake and the road into Bulman is flooded so access is definitely a challenge. However, that doesn't take away from my excitement of Rich's excellent fly that he has kindly consented to share with you for our September 2006 fly of the month!



Tie in the black marabou tail fairly sparse and no longer than the hook shank! Prior to wrapping a green chenille body, attach a piece of silver tinsel at the hook bend. After winding the chenille hook bend to hook eye, counter wrap the tinsel, well spaced, also to the hook eye. Now tie in a black marabou wing at the hook eye so that it flows evenly back over the body. Whip finish, cement and you have finished an excellent Interior Lake attractor fly!

Rich tells me that the fly will often perform just as well without the tinsel rib and he also uses a few variations of the fly with different chenille body colours. As well, he has successfully tied the fly with brown marabou but finds that green chenille works best at Bulman Lake. Again, my thanks to you Rich, for sharing this pattern with us!

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