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[Bill's Brown Floater]

We are very fortunate to own a lakeshore property at Sandpoint on Canim Lake. I usually fish smaller nearby lakes such as Howard but Canim supports quite a variety of fish both coarse and sporting such as squaw fish, white fish, fresh water ling, large lake trout, kokanee and rainbow trout. While it is not known as a dry fly lake, there are some insect hatches and one that I have noted with interest, is a twilight hatch of large brown mayflies in late June and early July.

Here is where my friend Bill Shea of Kenmore, Washington enters. Bill is an accomplished fly tier in his own right and in season, fishes many of the Central Washington Lakes more or less due south of where I live in Kelowna. I have featured one of Bill's flies in article 51, January 2001, called Bill's Brown Bomber, an excellent wet fly. Now a brown floating fly can also be tied and in recognition of Bill's ability, I call it Bill's Brown Floater. Although it doesn't look exactly like a mayfly, those Canim Lake rainbows don't seem to care when they start slashing at the late evening brown mayfly hatch!



Tie in a few strands of moose hair for the tail. Next make a few turns of brown hackle on the back half of the hook shank, allowing a few fibers to flow back to fill out the tail. Clip the fibers around the hook shank fairly close. Now spin two or three bunches of brown deer hair on the front half of the hook shank. Clip the deer hair around the hook shank but not as close as the rear hackle. The final step is to make a few turns of longer brown hackle just back of the hook eye. Clip most of this hackle from the underside of the hook and allow the top to flow back to simulate wings. I have tied this fly with a set of brown wings but those Canim rainbows take the fly just as well without! Tie off, cement and you have completed Bill's Brown Floater!

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