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[Black and Peacock Spider]

The October/November issue of Outdoor Canada listed five fishing flies as the "Best all Time"! They are the Dark Montreal, Mickey Finn, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Woolly Worm and the Black and Peacock Spider. I now have covered all but the last fly in previous fly tying articles so this month we will examine the Black and Peacock Spider. The author of the well tied flies in Outdoor Canada recommends tying the Black and Peacock Spider with chartreuse thread to accomodate the whip finish of the fly head. However, I am an advocate of invisible mending thread because it is so easy to back wrap the fly body for additional strength without distorting the body shape! In this case we have a peacock herl body and rather than twisting the peacock herl in the thread for added strength, I simply wind the body with herl and back wrap it with my invisible thread, a much quicker and a very neat procedure! Regardless of your preference, the Black and Peacock Spider is an excellent wet fly, one that you should have in your tackle box!



The Black and Peacock is probably the easiest of the "Best Five" to tie! Start with several long strands of peacock herl and tie in the body. Back wrap the body with your invisible tying thread to give it needed strength. Now select a black saddle hackle feather and make several turns just behind the hook eye, taking care to slope the hackle back toward the tail as you finish tying off with your thread. The final step is to make a few turns of chartreuse floss at the hook eye to form a head and you have completed an excellent all purpose wet fly!

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