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I hope I won't bore you with another Vedder River Coho fly but we are on a roll and I have another good one for you! The vast numbers of fall fishermen on the Vedder are float guys, usually using yarn on a bait tied hook as their attractor. It has been my experience that fly and spey rod fishers can do much better on cohoes using the right fly pattern and this is the big "if", the right water location can be found. Yes, it is hard to find a spot without being elbow to elbow with float fishermen but there are fast, shallow water spots ideally suited to fly drifts where good fly success can be attained! It takes some work to find these places but they are there because I have found several in recent years of fishing the Vedder.

Float fishing is made easier because the weights used allow you to "bottom bounce", in other words, get down in depth to where the fish are lying. The challenge with flies are to get down to that depth, especially in faster water. The fly we will examine this month allows you to do that because it uses painted lead eyes to quickly pull the fly down! I call it my Coho Booby and it does catch Vedder River coho! The picture at left is my son Allen fighting a salmon on a recent trip that I made from Kelowna to the Vedder River.

[Allen Spey Fishing the Vedder]



Tie in a thin tail of brown mallard or grizzly hackle. Next, cut a thin strip of fluorescent pink "edge brite" plastic and wrap a tight body hook bend to hook eye. Back wrap with your invisible tying thread to ensure the edge brite stays in place after a slash or two by cohoes! Now at the hook eye tie in a few strands of pink krystal flash followed by a thin clump of pink polar bear hair. Allow it to flow back along the top of the body no longer than the end of the tail. The final step is to solidly figure eight a pearl painted lead eye in place just behind the hook eye. I find it takes a dozen or more wraps with my tying thread to firmly hold the lead "bar-bell" eye so it doesn't slip sideways. Cement, tie off and you have finished my weighted "booby" coho fly!

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