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[Bill's Brown Bomber]

Bill Shea of Kenmore, Washington has been an avid fly fisherman all of his life. He grew up in Mt. Vernon, Washington where Dr. Donald Spratley was his dentist! Bill first contacted me when he read my fly tying article on the famous Dr. Spratley fly. I have learned much from Bill, not only about details regarding Dr. Spratley, but also about the many fly patterns that Bill himself ties. From inspecting many of his flies, I can see that Bill is an expert fly maker in his own right and as such, we will start the year 2001 in a great manner by featuring one of Bill's hand tied flies, the Brown Bomber!



[Bill Shea with a Mid Summer Catch]

Start by crimping your hook barb so that you can slide a silver or clear glass bead through to the hook eye. Next secure a clump of brown marabou to the hook shank to form a tail equal to the length of the body. Bill favors a brown for both the tail and body that is more of a rust shade than either light or dark brown. Next select a long brown hen hackle with short fibers and tie in tip first at the hook bend. Then attach a piece of medium sized rust brown chenille to the hook shank and wind forward to the bead at the hook eye. The final step is to palmer the brown hackle from the hook bend to the bead at the hook eye and tie off at that point, cement, and you have completed Bill's Brown Bomber. Bill recommends using his fly on those slow fish days. He also advises to keep the retrieve low and slow with short pulls! Bill is retired now but he is still actively pursuing his favorite hobby of fly fishing and quite successfully as you can see!

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