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[The Dynamic Bloodworm]

British Columbia Interior Lake fishing in June can be absolutely outstanding or slow as a snail race in the rain! I have managed to catch good sized rainbow trout during these slow periods on a fly that radically overdoes the natural size and colour of chironomid bloodworms that occur in many lakes. In fact, this is a fly that seems to span the differences in trout appetites almost everywhere in my home province of British Columbia. I recall catching trout on my dynamic bloodworm in such diverse areas as Tunkwa, Nulki, Lost and Aileen Lakes remarkably when no other fly seemed to be working! Could it be that it is so much longer and brighter than the natural lake larvae that the trout cannot resist taking a swipe at it? I will leave that for you to decide but I can assure you from my experience, this is truly a dynamic fishing fly!



This is a very simple fly to tie but it is important to use invisible mending thread as your tying thread. The very simplest way is to wind a rich red triangular cobra or swannundaze material, hook bend to eye, and tie off! Nothing else! However, my preference is to first dub the hook body with a very thin layer of red seal hair, not to create bulk, but so that the tiny ends of the seal hair protrude between the windings of the red swannundaze which is the overlayer. In other words, after the hook shank is covered with a thin layer of red seal hair, secure a piece of red cobra or swannundaze at the hook bend and wind through to the hook eye. Remember to keep the plastic wraps tight so that the fly takes on a very slim, streamlined appearance. I then sometimes add one or two turns of white ostrich herl at the hook eye before whip finishing and cementing the head. Surprisingly, I have found a longer number 6 fly often works better on those slow days than a fly tied on a smaller hook which would more accurately represent the natural bloodworm. And a very slow retrieve that allows the fly to sink near the bottom usually produces the best results for me.

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