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[Blood Leech]

My Kelowna Dentist for many years was Al LaBounty who is now retired. I really did enjoy my visits with Al, not because of the pain in the dentist's chair, but because of very interesting discussions (when I was able to talk) about fly fishing. Al is undoubtedly one of British Columbia's best fly fisherman and of course, an expert fly tier! Recently Al dropped by my house to pick up a copy of my fishing book and he gave me a couple of his favourite blood leech flies. He had just returned from a successful fishing trip to Chilcotin's Fletcher Lake where the leech worked very well! In fact, Al told me that his pattern catches fish throughout the year so I received his permission to share his fly with you. It is the LaBounty Blood Leech, an improved version over the February 1997 article number 4, the LaBounty Leech!



Mix red and black seal hair with a bit of claret dazzle dub. I use a small coffe bean grinder that seems to work very well. Begin the fly by sliding a red bead to the hook eye. Then form a dubbing loop with your tying thread and wrap a fairly thin body with the hair mixture, allowing it to flow back past the hook bend to form a tail. Make a few turns of your tying thread just back of the bead for a short red collar. Now Al brushes the hair back along the hook shank with a velco brush and the real trick is to now dip the fly in a cup of hot water to make the fibers flow backward better when brushed! Tie off and you have finished an excellent season long producer fly, the LaBounty Blood Leech!

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