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I have always found excitement in big fish lakes, moreso small hidden lakes that harbour at least a few monster trout! I feel fortunate that within an hours drive of our Canim Lake summer camp, there is such a lake! Last year, I saw a picture of a rainbow that was just over 13 pounds, fly caught in this lake. While I have not yet captured a fish that big, I have discovered, through some trial and error, a fly that is quite effective in persuading those huge fish to strike! Allow me to share that pattern with you!

[Another Excellent Interior Trout Lake]



This fly which I call Big Yellow for the large fish it attracts, is quite easy to tie. I believe perhaps the extra attraction of this fly is the strand of crystal flash in the side hackle or horizontal wings. Start by securing a length of medium gold wire to the hook shank and let it project past the hook bend. Next tightly wrap bright yellow medium chenille hook bend to hook eye. Follow up with spaced wraps of the gold wire to form a rib. Now, one at a time, attach a small clump of pheasant tail feather to the side of the fly flowing back from the hook eye about as long as the fly body. The next step is key; tie in along side the wing hackles a single strand of green crystal flash, also as long as the hook body. Finish this big fish fly with a generous wrap of peacock herl to form a fairly large head. Cement, tie off and you have tied a fly that large trout in my secret lake just love!

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