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[Beautiful Green Nymph]

There is no doubt that fall is my favourite time of year! Just to be outside on a warm crisp autumn day is a joy to behold. Yes, I admit that hunting does interfere with my fishing activity at this time of year but it isn't it grand to have such fine choices!

I recently chanted with a friend who had some fantastic fall fishing at a small lake in the Douglas Ranch area. He was using an olive green pattern that the trout were hitting on almost every cast! In fact, he was so successful that I want to share his fly pattern with you as our October fly tying article.



Believe it or not, my friend recently had his extraordinary day of fishing at a small body of water called Beautiful Lake. He didn't know the name of his fly that enabled him to catch and release dozens of trout that day so we will simply call it the Beatiful Green Sedge! Tying this fly is a snap as follows. Secure a length of fine silver wire to your hook shank. Next tightly wrap a piece of dark olive chenille hook bend to hook eye and tie off. Then form a rib by winding the trailing end of the silver wire in six or seven turns hook bend to hook eye. The last step is to select a dyed green wood duck feather and wrap a turn or two at the hook eye, ensuring that the feather strands fold back over the body as you tie it down. Cement, tie off and you have finished an excellent fall sedge pattern!

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