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Last September I made a delight trip to Nimpo Lake in the Chilcotin country of west central British Columbia as a guest of Richard and Colleen Haavik. Rich and Colleen operate a fishing lodge called Rainbow Resort, mainly catering to American customers, flying them in to a host of area lakes and rivers for some of the best fly fishing experiences imaginable! When I arrived, the last of their summer guests had departed, so Rich treated me to one of his favorite fly fishing stretches for rainbow trout on the upper Dean River. We caught trout after trout on dry flies and then for a change in pace, Rich gave me a bead head fly and demonstrated how to fish it using a clip on strike indicator about half way up the leader. Immediately we were into fish, many of which were larger than the fish attacking our dry flies a few minutes earlier. In this article, we will look at Rich's bead head fly which is so effective on the Dean River.



Crimp the hook barb and slide the gold bead to the hook eye. A couple of wraps of lead wire just behind the bead will ensure that the fly will quickly sink in faster water. Next tie in a short tail of black squirrel. Attach a piece of thin copper wire to the hook shank and let it project past the tail. Now form a dubbing loop of black seal hair, winding it forward thinly from the hook bend and thicker from about the center of the hook shank to the bead at the hook eye. However, before completing the thicker half, attach a few strands of goose quills at the center of the hook shank and then wind the copper wire forward to form a rib along the thin half of the body. After completing the thicker thorax as mentioned earlier, the final step is to fold the goose quills forward to the bead and tie off at that point. Cement and you have finished an excellent Dean River wet fly!

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