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[All Bead Chironomid]

Buy an inexpensive package of small all coloured beads on your next trip to a craft store. Yes, those beads will pay dividends when you next try chironomid fishing at your favourite lake. Still water fishing with a dry line and long leader fixed to a sinking chironomid has become a fine art in the west and you should be equipped with conventional as well as the beaded fly we will feature in this month's article. Even a novice fly tier can make an all bead chironomid that is as good as that tied by an expert! In fact, there is no fly that is as simple to tie yet it can be very effective at catching large cruising rainbows when they are on the prowl for insect pupae near the lake bottom! As well, there is an infinite variety of colour combinations that you can create with beads but the fly shown is one of my favourites with a white head and brown body. Try it, you will not be disappointed!



A barbless hook such as the 61 BM allows you to slide the beads on the hook with ease but if you have a barbed hook, simply pinch the barb so that you can slip the beads up the hook shank. Start with a white bead, slightly larger than the beads for the body and slide it to the hook eye. Follow this with several smaller brown beads to completely cover the hook shank. The last step is to tie a few half hitches with your invisible thread to secure the last bead at the hook bend, then use amply cement throughout to firmly anchor the beads and you have finished a great chironomid! Do not be afraid to experiment with other colours such as green, red or black beaded bodies as long as the beads are small!

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