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[Black Bucktail]

The Black Bucktail was originally devised for fishing winter browns and cutthroat trout in Cameron Lake, located on Vancouver Island's Port Albernie Highway. The dressing in the late 1960s called for a black bear wing, somewhat longer than on the fly shown and it did not include a peacock herl head. However, the fly was very successful in those days, especially for very large brown trout in the range of four pounds or more! I have modified the fly design by replacing the black bear wing with a shorter kip tail wing and a few turns of peacock herl at the head. This new dressing has produced several fine late season rainbow trout from White Lake in the Interior of British Columbia. Although I have not fished it on Vancouver Island, I have no doubt that it will produce there as well. Therefore, if you have late season trouting in mind, give the Black Bucktail a try!



Start by attaching a piece of red wool to the hook shank not much longer than the hook bend. Next wrap about three turns of black wool hook bend forward to about the one third point of the hook shank, then continue for the next third with tightly wrapped gold tinsel. Complete the body with black wool forward to the hook eye. Now tie in a wing of black kip's tail so that it flows back over the body just past the tail. An option for Interior still water fishing is to add a black marabou overwing. Ensure that the wing clears the fly body so that the gold tinsel can easily be seen by foraging trout. The final step is to wrap a few turns of peacock herl at the eye, cement, tie off and you have finished a good late season attractor fly for large trout!

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