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[Black Bead Chironomid]

You will never guess! I won the annual June Father's Day Telephone fishing derby for the 9th time! On what fly and Lake? A chironomid again of course, but not the Doreen (July 2001) or Aileen (June 2006) chironomid! Yes, it was on Aileen Lake but this year the fly that caught the largest derby trout was a black chironomid featuring a small pearlescent deep blue bead at the fly eye. I believe the bead sheen serves as an attractor for those very picky but large Aileen rainbows. Those fish did a good job of ignoring offerings that were successful in past years until I changed to a black bodied chironomid featuring a small deep blue bead at the hook eye. I believe that many heavily fished waters need something different to provoke a strike and this recipe is just what the doctor ordered! Therefore, I would like to share the black bead chironomid with you for our July web article!



Start by crimping the hook barb and slip a small blue bead through to the hook eye. The bead should have a pearlescent quality that reflects light well. I like my chronies sink fairly fast so I place about five turns of thin lead wire just behind the bead. Next secure a thin strand of black floss plus a piece of thin silver wire to the hook shank, tying both down well into the hook bend. Tightly wrap the floss forward to the bead, followed with an opposite wrap of about seven turns of silver wire to form the rib. Cover the lead wrap near the bead with several turns of peacock herl and you have completed the thorax! The final step is to make a couple of turns of white ostrich herl just behind the bead to form the chironomid gill. Cement, tie off and you have completed the fly that caught the 2007 Telephone derby winner!

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