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[Badger Dry]

June is an very exciting time for still water fishing in British Columbia! This is the time of year when numerous insect hatches occur, often turning large rainbows into a surface feeding frenzy! Exactly the time when you want to be on the water equipped with dry flies to match the hatch! Chironomids, mayflies, and sedges may all be the target of marauding trout but while an exact duplicate in size and colour is sometimes required, often any fly that sits well on the water will initiate a strike! Such is the dry fly that we will examine this month, the Badger Dry, made from, you guessed it, nothing but badger hackle feathers! It is easy to tie and as long as you have a Badger Cape, easy to material source.



Start by tying in a small badger hackle tippet for the tail. Next, turn a complete hackle body using several badger cape feathers, beginning at the tail and progressing to the hook eye. The badger feathers, tail to mid body, should be smaller than the hackle feathers used near the hook eye. It may take four or five feathers to complete a tight hackle body. That's all there is to it and you have finished a good floating fly for those surface feeding frenzies!

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