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[Blue Adams Irresistible]

Still water fishing slows during the warm weather of our Central Interior summers but often great fly action can be found in British Columbia rivers and streams in spite of the heat! To top it off, dry fly fishing can be the best way to find trout willing to tear that fly rod right out of your hand. Certainly at this time of year, casting dry flies to eager river trout is my number one fishing choice for both action and fun! Both the Canim and Mahood rivers not far from our Sandpoint summer camp offer great dry fly fishing in August. One of the flies that I have used with considerable success is my Blue Adams Irresistible so this month we will examine how to tie this fly.



My version of this fly using moose and clipped deer hair provides extra buoyancy so you do not have to keep applying floatant to keep the fly from sinking especially in faster runs. Start by attaching several strands of moose hair to the hook shank with the tips projecting back about the same length as the shank. Next spin three clumps of deer hair to the hook shank to form the body starting at the hook bend and leave some room to later work on the wings near the hook eye. You may find spinning the deer hair a bit tricky because of the moose hair on the shank. Before starting with the wings and hackle, trim the deer hair to form a body somewhat thinner at the hook bend. Now select two grizzly feather tips for the wing and attach upright at roughly the 1/3 point from the hook eye. Wind a few turns of grizzly hackle both in front and behind the wings, then do the same with a brown hackle feather. Cement, tie off and you have almost finished a great summer dry fly. The last step is to colour the body with a blue marking pen, just a little secret for the Canim River rainbows!

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