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The Bill Nation series will again have to wait because one of my readers sent in a fly he successfully uses for chum salmon that I think is a must share with you! He is Alex Dumitrescu from Victoria, BC and not only has he come up with a terrific fly, he has been very inventive with the materials used. First though, Alex would like to give full credit to the original tier of the basic chum pattern. It was Mr. Ralph Shaw and published in the Island Fisherman magazine (Sept/Dec 2003). What Alex has done in his variation is the use of craft chenille purchased at Walmart. We have nothing against our dedicated fly shop dealers but Alex has found that the craft chenille (Fibre-craft wireless glitter and iridescent) yields a much softer fly than the "fly tie" sparkle chenille, perhaps causing the fish to hold onto it a bit longer. Alex has also changed the hook size from a #4 to #2 to 2/0 steelhead hooks (#1 the best size for chums) and he has also used leadfree solder to weight the fly! Alex has achieved astounding success with his variation, at times getting a salmon hook-up with every cast! This certainly warrants a look at how to tie such a great chum salmon producer.



Alex first uses several wraps of lead free solder to weight the fly. Next he attaches the craft pink sparkle chenille as well as the white strung schlappen or optional while saddle hackle by the tip at the hook bend. The chenille is then wrapped firmly forward to the hook eye and tied off followed by palmering the schlappen or saddle hackle forward to the hook eye as well, allowing space between wraps to see the chenille. A small head is then made with the red tying thread, cement, tie off, and you have created an excellent Chum salmon fly!

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