Don's Fly Tying - The Aileen Chironomid

[Aileen Chironomid]

We are going to skip a month on our Atlantic Salmon fly series to have a close look at one of my favourite June chironomids. I have had good success with this fly at Aileen Lake, located on the east Winfield plateau so therefore I call it the Aileen chironomid! It is similar in construction to Harold Lohr's Trojan Horse chironomid featured in the May 2006 issue of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing. The exception is I use a white wool/nylon string for the tied back gills rather than ostrich as I find that the ostrich breaks off much too easily. As well, I do not use the wing pads simply because the fly seems to work just as well without! However, this does not diminish in any way Harold's very excellent creation! As June is chironomid month in the Okanagan, let's have a look at my Aileen Lake chironomid!



Before cinching the bare hook to your tying vice, slip a black bead past the hook bend to the hook shank. Place the hook in your vice and attach your tying thread near the hook eye. Now tie in a short length of white heavy thread with the two ends projecting an inch or so past the eye. Then push the black bead through to the hook eye over the spot where you tied in the white thread. Pull back the two ends of the white thread, one on each side of the bead, and tie them in just behind the bead to complete the gills. The next step is to attach the #61 frostbite body material and a piece of fine copper wire to the hook shank at the start of the bend. Wrap the frostbite forward to form a tight thin body and follow that with several turns of the copper wire for the rib, tying both off at the bead. At this point, make a short thorax with a few turns of peacock herl, tie off, cement, and you have finished an excellent spring chironomid!

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